It's The Wonkette Primary! (For Voting On Pete Buttigieg Merch)

It's The Wonkette Primary! (For Voting On Pete Buttigieg Merch)

We had a Pete Buttigieg merch contest and YOU get to vote. Winner(s) will be announced now tomorrow at noon! (If you left your submission in the comments only, we may not have seen it; our apologies, and feel free to email it to Rebecca at wonkette dot com; you never know, maybe it is so brilliant we will have no choice but to add it to our Garage Sale of Love.)


And do not go downvoting like a dick, please! Yeesh you people!

Butt Edge Edge by Monsignor Moment

This one is HILARIOUS to me. We would add a tagline to this for you, because we are givers.

Swole Pete, from 'Alex' if that is even his or her real name


Blue skies ahead, from 'Ice That Burn'

I feel like this one needs a tag line! But it's pretty!

Flower Child from 'Helene'!

For the hippies! Which is SEVERAL OF YOU!

Boy Scout, from 'Jo'!

I fucking love this one. Ima vote for it.

'College' from 'Lara'!

Ima vote for this one too, it will look really pretty on black. (If you can vote for more than one in our new "voting thingie," who knows not me!) (Also I put "college" in the title because of the resemblance to Bluto in Animal House as pointed out in the comments, which is true.)

LOL from Mark and Klaus

It is sweet and it makes me smile. OKAY NOW VOTE!

DOH, and a wee late contender from Fab Martha!

That's awful nice.

Again, we will announce the winner(s) tomorrow, and POSSIBLY but not PROBABLY get these into our Flea Market (Of Love) before we leave for vacation on Wednesday, when my friend Susan The Nice Smart Lady Who Makes Sure Old Dad Turns The Stove Off And Also Does Merches When We Go To The Snohomish Pot Farm Party And Also Some Wonk Parties Come Join Us! (yes, that is her official name) will be minding the store. But get your dollars ready. Or just cut out the t-shirt middleman and send it us now!

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