It's Up and Crashing In 3... 2... 1...

blimplaunch.jpgThe Paultard Blimp -- defying all odds, concepts of fiscal restraint and strains of Western logic -- launched this morning from Elizabeth City, NC, en route to Columbia, SC for Sunday's Tea Party. There's a gallery of the launch here, and after the jump, a roundup of the Blimptards' coverage.

On Justin TV, a live feed of the blimp has been set up but doesn't seem to work, ever. You can, however, check out the fantastic chat room to the screen's right, where the minor miracle fountain never stops flowing:

blimpfeedchat1.jpgOh, and have we mentioned that only one of the two banners is on the blimp? Because this is cause for some consternation on Ron Paul Forums:


blimplaunchforums2.jpgFuck the second banner. The blimp's in the air, and I've never been more excited to not support Ron Paul!

Ron Paul Inaugural Launch [Flickr]

The Ron Paul Blimp Tour Live [Justin TV]

[Ron Paul Blimp]

[Ron Paul Blimp Blog]


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