It's War: Facebook v. Hillary Clinton!

mp.jpgClinton strategist and Coke fiend Mark Penn is hard at work trying to throw Clinton's campaign off the rails. Recent comments dissing 18-year-olds have triggered an "Official Petition Against Hillary Clinton" on "That's it: Hillary's entire strategy for winning the White House is to make sure young people on Facebook don't vote," the group's manifesto states.

"Facebook voters aren't 18 year old slackers. We are engaged. And we vote. Let's get as many Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to join this group to send a message that stereotypes like this about the youth vote are unacceptable. Invite 200 friends to be listed as a co-founder on the officer list." As of Tuesday afternoon, reported the group had a "paltry 159 members -- nothing like the 563,319 members of Stop Hillary Clinton: (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)."

C'mon guys... stop the pile-on!

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