I've Just Learned To Turn It Off

  • Infighting between the Bush administration and the CIA plus Pervez Musharraf's reluctance to confront Al Qaeda equals more Qaeda presence in Pakistan even as they're leaving Afghanistan. [New York Times]
  • Robert Mugabe was hastily sworn in as Zimbabwean president and rushed off to the African Union summit, where nobody will say "boo" to him. [Wall Street Journal]
  • In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Bob Barr said he would be happy to play the Republicans' Ralph Nader. [The Hill]
  • Municipalities across the US cut back services due to high gas prices, and now kids might actually have to walk to school. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Barack Obama has a plan to win the South. [New York Times]
  • It's sort of amazing that anybody who thinks Obama is a gay Muslim flag-hater would still give their names to reporters, but oh they do! [Washington Post]

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