Jack Cafferty Speaks Truth to Hour...and Hour and Hour and Hour

Never having been a fan of Jack Cafferty's grumpy granddad schtick at "American Morning," we are the last people we thought would say this: What he needed was more time on camera. Given the debut of CNN's "The Situation Room" network, Jack has given his crotchetiness full flower, allowing him to turn it onto the show itself. Just now:

WOLF BLITZER: That's fascinating, watching a friend or relative flying some place, you go there at flight explorer.com and you can see it almost realtime. Thank you. Useful information in "The Situation Room." Let's get more useful information, Jack cafferty. I almost said useless information, Jack, but i corrected myself.

CAFFERTY: Has that been a Freudian slip? How many hours have you been on your feet? Too many? They should pay you by the hour. This show is a telethon without a disease. It goes on and on and on.

Actually, we think there is a disease, and it has cure: The amputation from CNN of Jon Klein.

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