Jackass Bank of America CEO Angry At You For Hating His Evil Bank


If you don't hate Bank of America, you just haven't ever dealt with Bank of America. Or perhaps you have never heard of banks at all? (Lucky you!) In any case, gazillionaire asshole Bryan Moynihan wants you to know that he also hates you for not loving his awesome bank:

CEO Bryan Moynihan says the public needs to start thinking before they criticize his company.

"I, like you, get a little incensed when you think about how much good all of you do, whether it's volunteer hours, charitable giving we do, serving clients and customers well," Moynihan said to employees in a global town hall meeting last week, Bloomberg reports. "You ought to think a little about that before you start yelling at us."

Don't forget to close down all your Bank of America accounts! [Bloomberg/HuffPo]


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