James Dobson Keeps It Like a Secret

ABC's Jake Tapper nudges James Dobson to come a little more clean about his top-secret-cross-my-heart-hope-to-die conversation with Karl Rove. Dobson, as you may recall, claimed that the information he heretofore could not reveal was that Harriet Miers is an evangelical Christian. And here we thought she was a man. In any case, Dobson pointed to his Fox News interview the day of the nomination as an example of his decorum: "And that is the last time that I said that I had information that was confidential and that I really couldn’t talk about." But what did he say? Tapper does that reporter thing and discovers:

[G]o back to that Fox News transcript ... Namely, Dobson says "In her long career, she has been willing to stand up against the American Bar Association with regard to the policy on abortion. That took a lot of courage. She has — she is a conservative Christian."

Then Brit Hume asks "You say she is a conservative Christian. I have heard it said that she is indeed, evangelical Christian, like yourself and like the president. How do you know that?"

Dobson responds: "I know the church that she goes to and I know the people who go to church with her."

It seems to me Dr. Dobson was more than willing on that Monday to go into the details of that "characterization."

Indeed. So was there more to Rove's conversation? Are the aspens turning in Colorado, Dr. Dobson?

Miller Time [ABC]


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