James Dobson Knows Harriet Miers's Heart, Too

Oh HarrietJames Dobson's recent revelations regarding his conversation with Karl Rove show him to be a member of the Judy Miller school of publicity:

I think it’s a mistake and maybe even an ethical problem for people to do that—to go out and brag about being a player on the national scene, maybe to make themselves to look important.
Yeah, refusing to reveal confidential information pertaining to a controversial national issue is a sure way to stay behind the scenes, Jim. As for the substance of the conversation, Dobson claims that Rove sought to bolster Dobson's confidence in Miers's pro-life stance by telling him she is an evangelical Christian. (He also hinted that other, perhaps more acceptable candidates had dropped out. Pussies.) Dobson, clearly, was convinced. But, uhm, hey: Isn't making a legal decision based on your religion unconstitutional?

Let's ask John Roberts. He would know.

Transcript: Dobson Comments on Miers/Rove Conversation [Focus on the Family]


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