James, James, Chris, Newt, and Don

It's another installment of get-what-you-pay-for Wonk'd featuring James Carville and his incessantly opaque metaphors, Chris Matthews and his inability to dress or eat like a normal person, Newt Gingrich pretending to love all God's children, and God's warrior himself, Donald Rumsfeld, fighting like he was in The Warriors -- and trying to make it out of New York alive.

If there's gonna be more than a boy band worth of sightings you'll have to send more tips. We know you have them. Just put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and don't forget to indicate your level of disgust at having had to breathe the same air as the spotted.

* I saw James Carville at the Cosi at 2nd and Penn SE around 3pm [5/14]. A staffer type asked for a picture together with him (he obliged), but far more entertaining was overhearing pieces of the conversation he was having with his young and attractive companion. The best line was "even if you run two child molesters, one of them will still win the election".

* Saw James Carville yesterday at Trover Books on the Hill looking especially bald. He was buying a few magazines, didn't see what though.

* I just saw Chris Matthews in the Dirksen Cafeteria, getting a 1/4 platter of Rotisserie Chicken. I didn't recognize him at first, because his trademark blue and white striped shirt was rolled up well above the elbow, and he is much taller than expected (he also must have a great make-up team over at MSNBC). I recognized the distinctive voice though as he thanked the server, and also as he walked away singing fairly audibly to himself.

* Saw Newt Gingrich giving an interview [5/15] in front of the News Corp building in Manhattan. A brother hollered at him and Gingrich acknowledged him and waved because he apparently cares about black people despite the fact he's running for President as a Republican.

* I just saw Donald Rumsfeld walking out of a Duane Reade with his wife on 57th street around 7th ave or so from my bus vantage point. People were walking up to him and he seemed to be engaged, smiling. Not sure how long he will last on the streets. Ballsy.


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