James Lankford Is Your New Senator, Oklahoma, Congratulations He Is Terrible

James Lankford Is Your New Senator, Oklahoma, Congratulations He Is Terrible

Oklahoma state Senator Connie Johnson may do a POWERFUL Maya Angelou --and she does -- but she was no match for the combination of dumb and mean that is one Rep. -- and now U.S. Senator-elect -- James Lankford, who'll take over for the retiring Doctor Senator Tom Coburn. Should we learn more about James Lankford? Sigh.

So, you may remember this school shooting -- no, a different one; no, a DIFFERENT one. Anyway, this was back when school shootings were "news." And James Lankford, he had some opinions about this! Namely, that children were doing school shootings because they were overmedicated, and they were overmedicated because of feminist Democrat welfare fraud and probably lesbians and witchcraft, but mostly the welfare fraud:

Lady: I guarantee the problem is the psychotropic drugs these kids are on.

James Lankford (paraphrased): Don’t forget violent video games and movies! Something something blah blah blah did you know welfare moms are doping up their kids so they can get disability for them and get a whole new check? This is a thing that single welfare moms do, give healthy kids drugs to make them crazy for money, because evil and welfare and moms and womyn and moms and womyn and welfare. Everyone knows that. And it is wrong.

No, really, watch it for yourself:

Congratulations Oklahoma, you just elected a mean, dead-eyed man. Well, again.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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