James O'Keefe Proves Something Terrible About Hypocrite Enviro Ed Begley Jr., Probably, We Guess

James O'Keefe Proves Something Terrible About Hypocrite Enviro Ed Begley Jr., Probably, We Guess

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Guys, you are just not going to believe the INCREDIBLE STING that James O'Keefe, beloved everywhere as "the wingnut Allen Funt," managed to pull off this time! He tricked two actual Hollywood Celebrities into appearing in a supposed "anti-fracking documentary" that they thought was being made by a guy named "Muhammed," who cleverly did not tell them that its "funding is coming from Middle Eastern oil interests." This proves that they are "hypocrites," somehow, because they were supposed to know that they were being asked to take a position that they already believe, in a movie with a made-up secret agenda that they were not told about! BEST. TAKEDOWN. EVAR.

Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft breathlessly explains that O'Keefe "duped progressives Ed Begley Jr. and Mariel Hemmingway [sic] to get involved in an anti-fracking film that was funded by Middle Eastern oil interests," and then, as is his usual M.O., copypastes chunks of an article from another source, in this case the Hollywood Reporter.

We guess the part of this that's suppsed to reflect badly on Begley and Hemingway is that "Muhammed" says at one point that the goal of the film is to keep America from becoming energy independent, which makes them traitors or something. Or maybe they believe that green energy is a worthwhile goal, recognize that "energy independence" is a meaningless buzzword, and agreed to speak against fracking because it's an environmental disaster. THOSE HYPOCRITES. Let's see the exciting Gotcha! video, which is one of several that O'Keefe is allegedly going to show "at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday" -- knowing O'Keefe, that could mean that he'll have them playing on a laptop in a van down by the beach, with a beaded curtain separating the front seats from the waterbed love grotto in back. The vid is 20 minutes, and hell no we didn't watch the whole thing.

Oh, OK, so within the first two minutes we do get to some sort of hypocrisy -- not from Begley or Hemingway, but from people you've never heard of, Josh and Rebecca Tickell, who produced a movie about dependence on oil called Fuel in 2008. O'Keefe records them saying -- over the phone, and apparently not in the presence of Hemingway or Begley -- that they agree an anti-fracking movie would have very little credibility if word got out that it was financed by Arab oil interests. So yeah, hypocrites. Or maybe they saw themselves as clever scammers, willing to take money from an obnoxious source for the sake of promoting a progressive agenda, and feeling like they're pulling a fast one on the bad guys. Who knows? They may have seen themselves as Enviro Robin Hoods.

For that matter, the Tickells also state quite openly that they know that a lot of Hollywood liberals would refuse to be involved in a film if they knew the money was coming from oil interests, so they say that's another good reason to hide that fact.

Strangely enough, Jim Hoft doesn't include any of the parts of the Hollywood Reporter story that clarify Ed Begley Jr.'s position on his short appearance in the video, like this:

Begley tells THR that if it looks like he's agreeing with faux Muhammad about anything, it's because the Tickells asked him to be polite so that they'd get their funding for a movie they're making called Fracked, a film that will argue a technique for extracting natural gas called fracking is bad for the environment. Also, Begley says that he is hard of hearing and couldn't understand everything Muhammad was saying.

Aw, but that's just a Hollywood liberal trying to cover up his hypocrisy, so why mention it? Also, too, there's nothing in Hoft's story about the replies from the Tickells or from Hemingway's personal manager, who said that O'Keefe has "got legal issues on this one."

"Mariel didn't give money or take money," Columbus adds. "This is one bad lunch that's embarrassing. There's no nefarious aspect to this. She showed up to help a friend. She's passionate about protecting the earth and would like to see a movie made about all sides of fracking. … Shame on people who are so weak and deceptive to set up two artists who have worked very hard to achieve credibility in their community. Hopefully, O'Keefe will be made responsible for these dirty tricks."

So, here's the huge scoop: James O'Keefe got some people who oppose fracking to talk about maybe being in a movie that opposed fracking, that might have been funded by a guy named "Muhammed," who said he opposed American energy independence. Therefore, fracking is actually harmless to the environment and global warming is a lie.

Also, this would be so much better if it starred Larry David.

Adds Hoft,

James O’Keefe just told me he may be on Good Morning America in the morning. Please keep this brave man in your prayers tonight.

Yes, please pray for brave James O'Keefe. Gallant James O'Keefe. Only once-convicted felon James O'Keefe. Hardly an alleged attempted rapist at all James O'Keefe. Damages-paying to an ACORN employee James O'Keefe.

Please, keep him in your prayers as he maybe walks fearlessly into a den of liberal journalists, who may place him in mortal danger through the nefarious liberal technique of "asking him questions."

[Hollywood Reporter via Gateway Pundit]

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