Jamie Lynn Spears: Not In DC, But Pregnant

* "Inspired by that Papoose song where he raps the alphabet (except hopefully not as lame), here's my list of D.C.'s greatest persons, places and things..." [Brightest Young Things]

* George Clinton, Marion Barry, Dave Chappelle all rejoice at the thought of their own currency. [DCist]

* "In a city woefully void of street food options, put a few good eats on the sidewalk and we get really excited. Lots of people have been buzzing about the variety of food available at this year's Downtown Holiday Market." [Metrocurean]

* DC honors Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic contributions to mankind with monumental new Bloomingdale's outlet. [The Examiner]

* "Meanwhile, the size and scope of the real estate tax scandal keeps getting bigger. The FBI now think this scam dates back to 1990. That encompasses all of Gandhi's time in the city and then some. Jesus Christ, I was only seven years old! This is a pre-"bitch set me up" scandal. This scandal pre-dates Jamie-Lynn Spears." [why.i.hate.dc]


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