Jane Harman Doesn't Know How To Work Her Wireless Router, Which Is Google's Problem, Apparently

Jane Harman Doesn't Know How To Work Her Wireless Router, Which Is Google's Problem, Apparently

You know all those Google Street View cars that are methodically driving up and down every street in the world, including those in America, and taking thousands of pictures, just so you can get drunk and enter your ex's address into Google Maps and sullenly masturbate to pictures of his or her house? Well these cars apparently pick up ambient Wi-Fi signals, and MIGHT have been recording them and putting them in the Google Database of All Knowledge, who knows? Consumer Watchdog, a "leading advocacy group," is very concerned about this, and so they decided to draw attention to it the only way they know how: by creepily skulking outside the houses of members of Congress, and publicizing which ones are too dumb to put passwords on their wi-fi routers.

This scandal has far too many national security implications to be printed in the U.S., naturally, but fortunately the Brits don't care who knows about Jane Harman and Henry Waxman's unsecured wireless networks. Or at least there are unsecured networks in the vicinity of these houses, which could belong to anyone! (Your morning editor can actually see four different networks from his home office in addition to his own, all of which are password-protected, because his neighbors are not morons.) It's possible that these Congresspeople may have changed the names of their networks from NETGEAR to something more personally identifiable, like aipac4ever, but still not added a password.

What state secrets are sitting on Google's auto-computers, right now? Is Henry Waxman being blackmailed, because now They know that he spends thousands of tax dollars buying mustache-grooming products over the Internet? Consumer Watchdog is really keen to get Google execs to testify under oath about this, which is presumably why they did something creepy and weird to demonstrate the fact that Google had the capability to do something creepy and weird. Creeping out members of Congress is pretty much your ticket to getting nationally televised hearings on whatever your pet issue is. Just lurk in the bushes outside John Boehner's house for a while, pretty soon the House Republican caucus will be itching to ban all shrubbery forever. [BBC]


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