January 6

Trump Sec Def Recasts Jan 6 As War Of Congressional Aggression

In fairness, he does have a book to sell.

We get mail! Sometimes our correspondents know what goes on at this here little mommyblog, and sometimes they're blissfully unaware of our oeuvre. It would appear that the publicist for former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller falls into the latter category, having emailed us an excerpt of his recently released book, Soldier Secretary: Warnings from the Battlefield & the Pentagon about America's Most Dangerous Enemies.

Get a load of this horseshit:

At 3:44 p.m. on January 6, 2021, I was sitting at my desk in the Pentagon holding a phone six inches away from my ear, trying my best to make sense of the incoherent shrieking blasting out of the receiver. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on the line, and she was in a state of total nuclear meltdown.

To be fair, the other members of congressional leadership on the call weren’t exactly composed, either. Every time Pelosi paused to catch her breath, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Steny Hoyer took turns hyperventilating into the phone.

Great job, PR lady. Send us an excerpt that begins with something verifiably false — skip to 4:00 of this video to witness what actually went down in the interaction Miller is describing.

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January 6

Here's Joe Biden To Honor Heroes Who Kept Democracy Safe For ... This Nonsense Going On Now

We'll still take the farce over the tragedy, thanks.

To mark the two-year anniversary of the day American democracy almost went up in smoke and Trump flags, President Joe Biden will award the Presidential Citizens Medal to 12 people who did their part to preserve our institutions during and after the 2020 election. Those being honored at a White House ceremony scheduled for 2 p.m. Eastern today will include law enforcement officers who were attacked by the mob at the US Capitol two years ago, but will also include election workers whom Trump falsely accused of doing terrible things because they did their part to administer and count the vote, too.

Read More: President Joe Biden Honors Heroes Of 1/6. Hint, Not The 'Tourists'

Biden will award the medals, the nation's second-highest civilian award after the Medal of Freedom, to folks chosen for their “exemplary contributions to our democracy,” who demonstrated “courage and selflessness” in upholding the election and the democratic process.

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January 6

President Joe Biden Honors Heroes Of 1/6. Hint, Not The 'Tourists'

Hooray, it is Nicetimes.

Look, kids, with Grampa Joe in the White House we really can have nice things!

As CNN was first to report, the president will award the Presidential Citizens Medal to 12 heroes who defended our democracy when it was under attack by the previous occupant of the Oval Office. The prizes, which are the second-highest civilian honor after the Medal of Freedom, recognize individuals "who ha[ve] performed exemplary deeds or services for his or her country or fellow citizens." And tomorrow, in commemoration of the two-year anniversary of the attack on our nation's Capital fomented by a man who lost the election by 7 million votes, President Biden will pay tribute to the civil servants who held the line against the assault:

To mark two years since the insurrection on the Capitol, the President will host a ceremony at the White House on Friday, January 6th where he will deliver remarks and award the Presidential Citizens Medal to individuals who made exemplary contributions to our democracy surrounding January 6, 2021. These 12 heroes demonstrated courage and selflessness during a moment of peril for our nation. They include Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police, election workers, and officials at the state and local level.
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Conspiracy theories

Ginni Thomas Just A Sweet Christian Lady Who Never Tried To Steal An Election At All, Wait WHAT Texts?

My goodness, how could the January 6 Select Committee have been so mean?

Ginni Thomas is never wrong.

You must keep this lodestar principle ever in your mind as you read her testimony to the House January 6 Select Committee, lest you be reduced to a babbling idiot by the sheer cognitive dissonance of her words, her self-righteous indignation, indeed, her very existence.

She worked tirelessly to expose evidence of the election fraud she knows took place, but she had no obligation to read any of the readily available evidence that it did not.

REP. CHENEY: I wonder if you are aware that President Trump's advisers, his most senior campaign officials, as well as his leaders at the Department of Justice, his White House counsel, that they all had told him that there was no evidence of fraud sufficient that it would change the outcome of the election.

THOMAS: No. That was news to me, Congresswoman.

REP. CHENEY: And so when did you become aware of that?

THOMAS: I think sometime after this committee started its work.

REP. CHENEY: And if you had been aware that the Attorney General Barr, for example, or Pat Cipollone, that if you'd been aware that they had investigated these claims of fraud and told him that there was no evidence to support those claims, would that have changed your view?

THOMAS: Honestly, I don't think it would have, because millions of people still found that there were irregularities with the COVID changes to mail-in balloting. And there were so many other things that, you know, I don't think there's a lot of — there's a lot of people uncomfortable with the 2020 election despite what this committee's pushing. Okay? I just think there's still concern. And I wouldn't have believed that some of those people you named were able to identify and track down fraud and irregularity that I was hearing from the grass roots in certain States.

She's just a concerned citizen like any other, except she happened to be at the center of a network of conservative action groups who spent months wargaming for a fight against "the Left," who they expected would go absolutely berserk after losing the 2020 election.

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