Last week, Saudi journalist-in-exile Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to renew paperwork for his upcoming wedding. The Saudis insist he walked out shortly later unharmed, despite his insolent columns in the Washington Post and other outlets criticizing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). They have no explanation for Khashoggi's magical ability to avoid the ring of security cameras encircling the premises. Maybe it's witchcraft! But the Washington Post reports,

Turkish investi­gators had concluded that Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi leadership, had been killed inside the consulate Tuesday by a team sent from Saudi Arabia. A person familiar with the investigation called it a "preplanned murder."

A U.S. official confirmed that Turkey's government had determined that Khashoggi was probably killed inside the consulate by a team that arrived on two private jets. Turkish officials further concluded that his body was probably dismembered, removed in boxes and flown out of the country, the official said.

This is what happens when the leader of the free world attacks the press and gives murderous dictators a blank check. PEOPLE DIE.

It's easy to see how the Saudis could have gotten their wires crossed. Last year, American princeling Jared Kushner had that fun sleepover with MBS and told him on the DL that Vanky's dad won't be paying attention to human rights violations unless Hannity starts covering them, LOLOL. Then, last month, Mike Pompeo convinced the Senate that the Saudis were trying real hard, honest, not to murder too many Yemeni civilians, so we should keep selling them our big beautiful weapons, 'kay?

And Trump attacks the Washington Post by name several times a week, so who can blame the Saudis for thinking the US wouldn't be too mad if some guy with a funny name who works for Jeff Bezos got accidentally murdered and dismembered? They even had the courtesy to do it in Not America, which was pretty sporting of them.

But perhaps the Saudis overshot here.

With Rubio on the case, you know there will be some serious Bible tweets followed by fuck all. And the Trump administration will pursue every remedy possible ... on background, and as long as it doesn't cost American arms manufacturers a nickel. WaPo reports,

The Trump administration has said little beyond expressing public concern over Khashoggi's fate, and the kingdom has sharply denied any knowledge of his whereabouts. In private, officials from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on down have been frustrated with the lack of a substantive response to direct high-level queries, according to administration officials.

Yeah, it's like, so frustrating. Donald Trump is definitely going to read MBS the riot act. Right after he gets finished screaming about FAKE NEWS to the pitchfork mob and trying to get the post office to jack up rates on Amazon. But don't worry, Wonkers, because once they ink that deal with MBS, Lockheed Martin stock is "Headed Into Orbit."

[WaPo / WaPo, again]

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