Jason Wu Is An American Hero

  • Michelle and Barack Obama were very tired by the end of last night, what with the dancing and all. Michelle wore a pretty dress by some guy not named "Maria Pinto" or "Oscar de la Renta." [New York Times]
  • President Obama wasted no time in calling a temporary halt to legal proceedings against Guantanamo detainees -- his administration issued the order late yesterday. [Washington Post]
  • Tim Geithner's confirmation is in no serious peril over his "whoops didn't pay mah taxes" revelation, because he is literally the only human on the planet who can save our economy. [Wall Street Journal]
  • George Bush had a sad as he left Washington D.C., a town he always despised. [Houston Chronicle]
  • A protest by tenants and activists in a demolition-bound building in Seoul turned deadly as a fire broke out, killing five protesters and a police commando. The South Korean president said this was "heartbreaking." [Reuters]
  • Israel withdrew the last of its troops from Gaza after a three-week offensive that destroyed 4,000 Gazan homes and killed more than 1,300 Palestinians. Thirteen Israeli soldiers and civilians were also killed during the course of the conflict. (See that, that is reporting the news "without bias.") [Bloomberg]

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