Jay Leno Fondly Recalls Grab-Ass By George W. Bush

Jay Leno Fondly Recalls Grab-Ass By George W. Bush

America's favorite funnyman and backstabbing corporate ass-kisser, Jay Leno, is sure excited about being the hired entertainment at the Washington press corps' trade-show banquet! One thing that's great is you get to glad-hand a bunch of politicians and entertainment figures, and there's nothing Jay Leno loves more than acquiescence to idiot celebrities, the powerful and the corrupt. He might even get his ass pinched!

Here, from a very "buried lede" in the last paragraph of one of Politico's million WHCA dinner stories today:

“I consider it a great honor,” he said. “I love doing it. It’s great fun. You get to meet the president of the United States. I mean, the last time I did it with President Bush, as I walked to the podium, I felt somebody grab my ass, and I look over and I see him going yuk-yuk-yuk, and I go, ‘The president grabbed my ass going up to the podium.’ What’s funnier than that? How often in your life does the president grab your ass as you walk by?”



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