Jayson Blair Hedges Bets

Have you been following The Great "Doomed by Diversity" Debate? A tentpole topic over at Romenesko, it centers on a Harry Jaffe column quoting New Yorker writer Jeffery Goldberg on his experience at the Washington Post: "Jeff Goldberg's career at the Post was doomed by diversity...Goldberg was up for a full-time job, he says, when an editor took him aside and said, 'We would like to hire you, but we have to hire a Hispanic for that slot.'" There is little to no news involved: Ooh, the Post makes diversity hires!?! Jack Shafer has an opinion on it!?? But it has given the Romenesko letter-writers a new lens through which to view their navels, though, ironically, it's also prompted Jayson Blair to look up from the mirror. The truth-challenged ex-Timesian writes sympathetically:

For all those whose careers are doomed by diversity, I wish that God graces you with a consolation prize like a job at The New Yorker. I know, working at The Post and The Times, is such an honor, but you know, I've heard rumors that those gigs at The New Yorker are pretty good.
Rumors, eh? Guess Blair doesn't want to go out on a limb without checking it out for himself.

Blair would choose Nurse Ratched over Jack Shafer [Romenesko]


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