JD Hayworth Continues His Christ-Killer Outreach Program

JD Hayworth - WonketteRepresentative JD Hayworth (R-AZ), the only member of Congress whose face is pulled tauter than Nancy Pelosi's, recently won himself a heap of publicity by praising Henry Ford's "Americanization" theory ("Americanization" in this context means "kick the Jews out"). Now, according to a press release from his opponent Harry something, Hayworth's staff joins in the fun:

Unable to defend his repeated praise of Henry Ford's anti-Semitic "Americanization" program, U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth bailed on a scheduled campaign appearance Tuesday evening only to send in his place surrogates who repeatedly lectured the audience at Temple Beth Israel in Scottsdale and proclaimed that Hayworth "is a more observant Jew" than those present.

The comment by Jonathan Tratt, a spokesman for the Hayworth campaign, drew loud and angry boos and caused nearly three-quarters of the crowd of more than 200 to walk out in disgust. After the walkout, another Hayworth surrogate, Irit Tratt, stood on the Temple's bimah as she told members of the audience who gathered to ask questions, "No wonder there are anti-Semites."

Yeah, that might not have been the best staffer to send to address a Synagogue. In his defense, everyone involved with the campaign had had way too much tequila.

Unbelievable [Harry2006]


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