Jean Valjean Dies At The End. Surprise!

Jean Valjean Dies At The End. Surprise!
  • You know the story: Jean Valjean steals the candlesticks, adopts the street rat, is harassed by Inspector Javert forever and dies. The end. Catch the Signature Theater's production of Les Miserables before it ends on Feb. 22. [Signature Theatre]
  • The Little Dog Laughed is about a gay actor who finds difficulty in "making it big" because his agent keeps outing his gayness, yet is trying to prevent him from falling in love with a man. It won't make any sense until you see it for yourself. Oh, and there's nudity (yes). Until March 15, showtimes vary. [Signature Theater]

  • All you need to know about Inspector General is that its tagline promises "biting wit, local flavor and politicians behaving very, very badly." Until Feb. 28, showtimes vary. [Journeymen]
  • Can somebody please explain why AFI Silver Theater is charging $10 for people to watch old movies (Say Anything, Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine) that they can watch online for free via Hulu or that one Asian site? [Because new American movies are all terrible but it's still nice to go see a movie sometimes? -- Ed.]
  • Sunday, Feb. 15: Busboys and Poets will be screening the Academy Award-winning documentary Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids, followed by the most depressing discussion in the universe. [Busboys and Poets]

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