Judge Jeanine Harassing New Yorkers About Whether Trump Or Bloomberg Would #BeBest At 'Construction Worker'

Judge Jeanine Harassing New Yorkers About Whether Trump Or Bloomberg Would #BeBest At 'Construction Worker'

This weekend, Fox News's Jeanine Pirro explored the possibility of a "subway series" presidential race between New Yorkers Donald Trump and Mike Bloomberg. Technically, the president is no longer a New York resident. He moved to Florida last year with Melania Trump, as seen in the opening credits of "Green Acres." Pirro didn't let this small snag in her premise hold back her latest edition of "Street Justice," which is a lot like Jay Leno's old "Jaywalking" segments but with more overt humor.

Pirro described a Bloomberg/Trump matchup as a "scrapple in the apple," which is an expression that makes no sense. She asked New Yorkers who they preferred --"New York City's mayor" Bloomberg or "New York City's president" Trump. This was already off to a flawed start: New York City's true president is Hillary Clinton, who won 86 percent of the vote there in 2016.

The first random person Pirro harassed on the street was a black construction worker named Cliff. We can't legally claim that Pirro was smashed during this segment, but her fascination and amusement with Cliff's name at least did not appear to be the reaction of someone clutching sobriety with both fists.

PIRRO: You know, Cliff, it reminds me of the Democrat debate the other night. You think Michael Bloomberg fell off the "cliff"?

She was so very happy with herself at this moment. Cliff chose to humor Pirro.

CLIFF: Yeah, he did.

PIRRO: How did he fall off the "cliff"?

Cliff suggested that Bloomberg fell of this metaphorical cliff by not answering certain questions truthfully. It turned out that Cliff was not a Trump supporter (shocker!) but more of a "Sanders sibling."

PIRRO: You like Bernie?

CLIFF: Yeah, I like Bernie.

PIRRO: Why do you like Bernie?

CLIFF: He's more honest.

Pirro abruptly ended her exchange with Cliff. She quickly found a white guy who she thought would talk some sense.

PIRRO: Who do you think would be a better construction worker? Michael Bloomberg or Donald Trump?

Lately, Republicans have pushed the narrative that Trump is a "man of the people," who enjoys socializing with the workers he regularly screws over. According to shameless liar House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the president would much rather hang out with your average Joe the Plumber. If it seems like he's only ever been photographed with celebrities (who now regret it) and wealthy people, that's just because he's too humble to let anyone take his photo while he washes the feet of lepers.

Anyway, the white guy not named Cliff played nicely with Pirro and stated that Trump would prove a better construction worker than Bloomberg. It's unclear that either man could pick a hammer out of a lineup. Pirro asked the guy if he thought Bloomberg could “match wits" with Trump, as if he's Jim Moriarty and not someone who spent his past debates ranting like a drunk on the F train. The white guy said no, Bloomberg simply isn't the mental giant Trump is. Another construction worker raved about the president, calling him the “best president ever ... ever."

Pirro stumbled around the site and connected with more construction workers who believed Trump was truly one of them. None of them cared much for Bloomberg, which is not that surprising. One guy shared a laugh with Pirro over how Elizabeth Warren “beat down" Bloomberg on national TV. He especially enjoyed seeing the “tears in his eyes."

It says something when so many New Yorkers are pleased to watch a former New York mayor get his ass kicked by a Red Sox fan.

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