Jeb Bush Defends Charlie Crist's Sexuality

In matching Kitty shirts, at the Possum Festival - WonketteFlorida TV reporter Steven Cooper will soon be alligator food.

Jebby was on the campaign trail with Crist on Friday when Cooper popped the Big Question, asking Bush if Crist's a queer. Jebby bared his fangs and snarled to the reporter, "Put a smile on your face and don't be such a horse's ass."

A few hours earlier in Tallahassee, a gay-rights guy held a press conference demanding that Charlie 'fess up about being a homosexual. And Crist looked like the horse's ass when he turned a question about gay-marriage restrictions into the lamest possible claim of being straight:

"Marriage is a relationship like my mother and father had, like I had before I got divorced.''
The 50-year-old "bachelor" was very briefly married to a woman ... in 1979.

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