Jedi Knight George Bush Explains His Special Mind Lasers That Will Save Oil

Here's a snippet of President Bush's fun press conference today, which Sara aptly described as "a portrait of a man slowly losing what’s left of his mind after eight years of exhaustion and failure."

The man was on fire this morning, with the reporters. Here he is explaining the logic behind an offshore drilling plan that won't produce significant oil or natural gas output for 7-10 years. That's beside the point, which is "psychology"! See here: we all get our shovels 'n' sitch, and we get out there in the water a-diggin', and the rest of the world will be like, "Shit, the Americans are digging for a bucket of oil, I guess we should lower the price of gasoline by several dollars." It's better than a liberal "magic wand" -- it's mind-control. Big Oil has a mind and we will dig it.

Bush still doesn't know the cost of GAS [YouTube]


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