Jeff Gannon Reemerges as Factor in GannonGate

radiogannon.jpgHey, that's right! Before the Jeff Gannon scandal was about liberal bloggers not getting their chance to shine, it was about Jeff Gannon. At Raw Story, there's new examples of the smooth-shaved military stud's habit of recruiting other writers' articles for his own use without any attribution. At Daily Kos, Susan G. takes a closer look at the Star-Spangled Escort's involvement with the Free Speech Foundation, a shadowy non-profit that was ostensibly a source of income for Gannon before Talon News began paying him that still-mysterious "kind of a stipend."

Reporter, Editor Say 'Jeff Gannon' Plagiarized Article [Raw Story]

Fake Reporter Running Sham Non-profit? [Daily Kos]


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