Jeff Gannon's Dramatic Retirement

Well, I hope you people are happy: faux-news reporter and possible White House briefing room plant Jeff Gannon, subject to a long hard hammering by the gay-baiting liberal blog scene, has retired from... whatever it is that he did. Really, you people ruin all the fun-- and it's always enjoyable to see liberals run someone out of town with language like "allegations of involvement with several websites appearing to support gay pornography and promote male prostitution." Uh, I happen to like gay pornography and prostitution? And will Mr. Gannon never answer my final interview request?

Is it you or isn't it you? And if it is, uh, are there more pictures from the series?

Best regards, Faux-Wonkette

It's true: good homemade porn is hard to find. Sad. We miss him already. Also, we won't remember his name in about 9 hours.

Retirement Announcement [Jeff Gannon]

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Gannon Quits After Blogger Inquiry [Media Citizen]


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