Jeff Goldblum Lookalike Gets Into Epic Fight in Viral Video. Tabs, Mon., May 18, 2020


Brain worms.

The Financial Times's deep dive inside Trump's coronavirus meltdown and Jared (it was Jared) is free now. (FT)

Maybe Andrew Cuomo should have let Bill deBlasio shut down like San Francisco did :/ (ProPublica)

Refusing to wear a mask is a deeply American pathology. — Dahlia Lithwick at Slate

Like so:

A hundred deaths in Florida since Thursday, and 777 new cases in 24 hours.

Kamala Harris and friends won't let Trump's Department of Health and Human Services lie about the coronavirus death toll. — Greg Sargent, Washington Post

Guy Fieri's raised $20 million for restaurant workers. (Variety)

Community food co-ops are thriving. — Civil Eats

The Lancet would like Trump to fuck off please.

Be nice to the bats! They are our friends! (Scientific American)

After the pandemic, we should reduce the workweek to 30 hours. — The Stranger

So crazy it just might work! Moderates and activists have radical new climate change plan: Work together. (Grist)

Marcy Wheeler goes deep on Steve Bannon's HPSCI testimony. (Emptywheel)

How Democrats Win in My State (And They Do). — Sarah Vowell in the New York Times

Privately, feel free to enjoy normal liberal thoughts like "that Al Sharpton makes a lot of sense." Publicly, assume that everyone you talk to is a Republican or an independent unless you are chatting with the Butterfly Herbs cashier ringing up your bulk Korean ginseng or you happen to bump into Jeff from Pearl Jam. If anyone asks, your favorite artist is the Great Falls cowboy painter Charlie Russell, though nobody will, because it goes without saying.

Searching for the Thibodaux Massacre's mass grave. (Oxford American)

The Prophecies of Q. American conspiracy theories are entering a dangerous new age. (The Atlantic)

Oh, that's how you make shrimp scampi. — Food Network

Aw thanks IKEA.

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