• Christian Kids in Virgina are trying to convince libraries to balance their "pro-gay" collections with books about how Jesus writes passive-aggressive Twitters or whatever every time a gay person smiles. [Washington Post]
  • Major Fenty fired one of his neighborhood services coordinators for refusing to buy him Chamomile tea. It helps him sleep at night, dammit!  [City Desk]
  • Here's how your friends in Adams Morgan got wasted during last night's debate. (Spoiler alert: It was Jello shots, mostly.) [Fishbowl DC]
  • A Metro operator did this racist thing in which he talked about people wearing towels on their heads, but only because of how much he loved the Redskins. And what's more American than that? [DC Examiner]
  • Some Slovakian triathletes took pictures of some Virginian children going to school -- because they love school buses! [WTOP]

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