Jenna and Barb: Finding the Shortest Distance between Smith's Point

People say that Jenna and Barbara Bush don't show a lot of seriousness about real issues, but we hear different. According a Wonkette operative, J and B are going to rent a room with some other BC04 young ones in Georgetown through January, a block from the inexplicably hot dive bar Smith's Point. Apparently, catching a cab back to the White House drunk is a little too much of a challenge for the girls (not on the Yale lesson plan, we understand, but surely they'd have a whole doctoral program on it at U of Texas?) To be honest, we find this impressive. Too drunk to hail a cab? That's really fucking drunk. How could you fuck that up? Give the wrong address?

Anyhow, congrats to the girls. We're thinking of getting them a housewarming present actually: What do you think: A life time supply of Chaser or just some plastic garbage pails to leave around wherever it might be, uhm, convenient.


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