Jenna And Laura Bush Entice Youngsters Into Babylonian Fertility Ritual

The little boy is sad because he is about to be dismembered aliveAt yesterday's White House Easter frolic, one very important event went virtually unremarked. Two of the Bush gals read incantations from the ancient Book of Sen-Dak to lull an unsupecting group of smooth-fleshed little 'uns into a coma. The children were quickly clubbed over the head and hauled back to Cheney's lair for an "egg hunt." Terrible photos after the jump.

First it's all "Gather round, kiddies!" Then Jenna freezes them with her Mind Powers.

Attractive new face courtesy of bombed Iraqi skin donor

Chortle, chortle. The skin from the one in the orange hat will make a lovely Easter Face for next year.

Who needs La Mer?

She goes in for the kill...

Where are the wild things? In my belly!

...but leaves a few scraps for Mom.

Lesson: Never trust a librarian.

All photos courtesy of Getty Images.


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