Jenna Bush and Michael Penn: Joined In the Curse of the More-Famous-Relative

mpenn.jpgRoll Call reports today that Spin class instructor and Bush Twin Enrager Glenn Makl will keep his job (despite numerous calls from retired Spin instructors for his resignation). And a reader informs us that Glenn is but one in a long and distinguished line of people who've talked smack about the President while his daughters looked on, emotionless, drunk, and lip-locked with some Ivy Leaguer.

Apropos of nothing (much), I was at a Michael Penn concert at Iota a while back and Michael spent a good portion of the evening ripping on Bush during his show. Jenna was there, with friends and the boyfriend of hers. She was drunk, chain smoking, and she and the boyfriend were all over one another. In any event, Jenna and her crew stayed through the whole thing and she didn't bat an eyelash at the scathing commentary (including comparing Bush to one of the untrainable dogs on an Animal Planet show). After his show, Penn was told by the owner that Jenna was there (the Secret Service was surprisingly unobtrusive and unless you KNEW that was Jenna, you wouldn't have noticed them) and he remarked that he had no idea and that she was an awfully good sport about it by staying.

Later on, I saw Penn again at the Birchmere and he again ripped on Bush, but this time added the anecdote that the last time he was in town, Jenna listened to him rip on her dad and stayed through his whole show, despite Penn's frequent hilarious anti-Bush tirades He said, "poor girl must be used to it. But I'm not an asshole-- I'm human. I felt bad ripping on the girl's dad even though I didn't know that she was there until afterwards." Then he continued to rip on Bush.

Far be it from us to tell a First Daughter which Adult Contemporary Singer-Songwriters she can and can't enjoy, but we gotta figure she knew what she was getting in to when she bought a ticket to see a Penn.

Bush Twins SpinGate [Roll Call]

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