Jenna Bush Gets Down with Her Own Bad Self

We Want The Picture She's TakingWhat!?!?! Jenna on "all fours" shaking her weapons of mass destruction for all of the reality-based community to see!!?!?! Is this just another heart-breaking rumor on the internets? The NY Post says that video evidence is being shopped around. We'd bid, but we blew our entire photo budget on what turned out to be doctored photos of Dick Cheney's wang! Fuck!

Silver lining: The videologist apparently didn't capture the actual can-banging (a.k.a. "Da Butt Dance"). However, eyewitness reports that Jenna was totally flashing thong, and that the club she was hootchie-ing it up at displays a replica of Monica's blue dress. There's some fancy literary term for that but we're too drunk to remember it!

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