Jenna Bush: "Like a New Born Pony"


    I LOVE JENNA BUSH. . . She got lots of honey. Her eyes are sensual. She's funny. Her hair is kinda wild and free. Oh love grows where my sweet Jenna goes. And nowbody loves her more than me.

And there's more.

    You make me feel warm and happy. I know what to do and why. When you go I feel sad and clueless. When you are there I feel like a new born pony running through the fields for the first time. . . . When you smile it makes me wanna fly. The sexy look in your eyes always gets to me. The careless way you move your hips when you walk makes me dream dreams of us.

    But there can't be us.

Wonder what kind of person could develop this, oh, let's say, stalker-like fixation on Jenna? Well, Ricky Vandal has either a wicked sense of humor or, you know, a mental illness. From elsewhere on his site:

    I was born on a farm. When I was 5 years old I was visited by an Amazon Warrior. Her visit has changed my life. For me New Age Spirituality is not a Philosophy. It is the reality.

Indeed. Pretty soon Ricky will be getting a visit from some warrior men in dark suits. It is the reality.

I LOVE JENNA BUSH and The Church of Fandel [Geocities]


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