Jenna Bush: Maybe Not Such a Skank

We feel bad about calling Jenna a skank just because she sucked face with some shaggy stranger during some girls' night out. At least she got his phone number. Hell, she might even remember his name! (We have to take pictures to keep that shit straight.) No, Jenna is all class. Witness this further testimony about the Funky First Sister's G-town night:

My roommate "Scuba" is the head bouncer at Smith Point in Georgetown and he confirms that the first daughter was definitely there on Saturday night. He told me the whole story.


She showed up around 12:30 with four or five attractive female friends. Smith Point has an exclusive guest list, but the bouncers make exceptions for their friends and groups of cute ladies. The first door man asked their group if they were on "the list" to which the first daughter said "Well, I'm Jenna Bush, does that help." Not having any idea who she was the first bouncer proceeded to actually check the list, but Scuba (who also works on the Hill) recognized her, checked IDs, and let her group in.


He also reported that she and her entire group happily paid the $5 cover charge.

Of course, if she's shown him her tits like some other potential first daughters I could name, she probably wouldn't have had to.

Jenna Bush: Skankity Skank Skank? [Wonkette]


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