Jenna Bush: Skankity Skank Skank?

Last night, Wonkette's first daughter operative went looking for fashion tips, but found frenching. Absolutely nothing about the eyewitness account of Jenna "Funky Stylin'" Bush surprises us. (Except maybe that it might be true.)

Jenna Bush was seen on Saturday night between 12:15 – 2:15 AM at Smith Point in Georgetown (where, ahem, you must be on a “guest list” to enter – puke). [Her] hair [was] cutely pulled back in a pony tail, swapping a little spit with a shaggy college looking student. Jenna kept slurping down the drinks, smoking cigarettes and stood in the corner with Shaggy for a good 10 minutes – little groping action -  before sitting down at a table with her friends. Jenna was seen adding Shaggy’s number into her cell phone as well as entering a few of the surrounding ladies' numbers.  

Several White House and campaign staffers were in the room and noticed, but went about their own business without interrupting Jenna's.

Because it's not like that kind of behavior would get her into a gossip column or anything.

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