How to lose a Paraguayan dictator in 10 daysMark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen: on April 10, First Daughter Jenna Bush will deliver some sort of a speech to a shadowy women's organization called "Wisconsin Women in Government." Miss Bush is taking a break from her arduous schedule of merriment to bring to a select group of government ladies her tale of hope regarding the bright futures of Panamanian teenage mothers with HIV.

Americans fondly remember how the more fun-seeming Bush twin graduated from college and went away to work with Unicef while plotting her family's eventual colonization of Paraguay for a secret war-crimes retreat. And our nation rejoiced when Miss Bush returned and penned a tale of woe so heartbreaking we wondered if she had plagiarized the Book of Job. Now we could not be prouder that she will address the Wisconsin Women in Government's 21st Annual Scholarship Recognition Banquet on April 10.

Purchase your individual banquet ticket for $65 here!

Wisconsin Women in Government: Jenna Bush to keynote 21st annual WWIG Scholarship Recognition Banquet []


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