Jerry Hall DTF Rupert Murdoch

Some months ago, we sniffed haughtily at a story alleging Jerry Hall -- the beautiful Texan mother of some of Mick Jagger's children -- was doing the bone with wizened evil dwarf man Rupert Murdoch. It wasn't that we thought it couldn't happen; it was just that the article in question was such a hilarious mishmash of British Fleet Street Bad Journalism Nonsense, like so:

He “is said” to have been introduced to her by some people. It “is suggested” they will appear as a couple at some thing called “rugby.” His ex-wife of the powerful right hook “is alleged” to have rubbed her gina all over Tony Blair. Jerry Hall is a woman “who’s” “‘marriage'” to Mick Jagger was annulled. And finally:

As news of their relationship broke, a friend of the pair was reported to have said: “They could be the perfect couple.”


But now Rupert Murdoch has taken out an advertisement in a "news-paper" to announce that he is indeed sticking it in the leggy Texan, and he intends to put a ring on it (her vagina).

I will be the first woman to admit that power is sexy -- I once got all hot and bothered by Arnold Schwarzenegger when I saw him in person. But that must be some power.

In conclusion, this is worse than the time Anna Nicole Smith married that delighted old coot, because honestly what could you have expected from Anna Nicole Smith.

Six of one ...

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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