Jerry Killian, Top Gun

An alert Wonkette operative points us toward a story that suggests behaving like a macho smart-ass is not something that would be out of character for everyone's favorite early adopter, Jerry Killian. The Houston Press reports:

Killian may wind up with only a fleeting posthumous moment in the national spotlight, but he remains a legend among the flyboys of his TANG unit at Houston's Ellington Field. "Killer" Killian epitomized the tough-talking, testosterone-soaked world of fighter pilots, and tales of his exploits and warped wisdom are still traded over beers by his former colleagues.

We'll repeat just one: Killian on the subject of sex. "I never turned anything down," he once told his young pilots, "except an old man with no teeth. And I turned him facedown."

Gosh, what was the military's policy on this back then? Don't ask, just brag?

(Btw, now that's the kind of thing people should have on Dreier. . . )

Bash-Free Zone (last item) [Houston Press]


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