Jesse Jackson Jr. To Resign From Congress: Shocked Nation Momentarily Mistakes Him For His Dad Yet Again


Drudge Sirens! Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-He's In Congress? Really?) will, after having won reelection despite not campaigning andcompletely disappearing from public view since June and a raft of past corruption allegations in the Rod Blagojevich scandal (who?), resign his seat in Congress. (Diagram THAT, Sister Mary Louise!)

We actually do feel bad for him, what with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and depression and all, because those are just sad awful things that truly do suck to have in your life and which we wouldn't wish on ANYBODY. On the other hand, we do feel compelled to note that before those maladies entered his life, he tended to be at least a fairly notable minor-league asshat who was often to be found on the periphery of scandals. But apart from the Blago, the adultery, and the ham-handed communications fail surrounding his truly unfortunate mental illness, he seemed like such a nice young man.

Needless to say, because it's frickin' Chicago, there will be much discussion in coming days about why he waited until after winning reelection (without campaining, as we think we mentioned) to resign. Quite simply, it's because it's the afternoon before a major holiday, which is always a fine time for a news dump.

And now we get an exciting special election, which will presumably be an advantage for the Democrats, and which will be decried as "corrupt Chicago thuggery" on Fox News, even though it's the sort of thing that sleazy electoral machines of all flavors have done since time immemorial and will do forever, because, jesus, it's party politics, now isn't it? WE WOULD NEVER WRITE THAT IF HE WERE A DEMOCRAT.

Mostly, we will remember Jesse Jackson Jr. for that time he read "Green Eggs And Ham" on Saturday Night Live:

[Chicago Tribune]

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