Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016 Is Your New Presidential Dream Tag Team


It really is never too early to look forward to the 2016 presidential race, if only because it has become a fantasy reference point for when we might have a functioning government again. Hahaha we will never have a functioning government again you guys come one. Right now, though, I'm putting all my money on the rumored Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern ticket, because if nothing else they are for sure going to capture that coveted Older Dude Who Still Rocks Long Hair And Smokes Pot Because Rebel demographic.

Ventura has yammered on about this before, but it sounds like he is finally ready to make his dreams - and all of ours, of course - come true by joining his creepy old man hairstyle with Howard Stern's creepy old man hairstyle to form a veritable Voltron of ick to run for president. READ MORE


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