Jesus-Loving Boy Scouts Defeat ACLU!

life-sized! - WonketteThe military-boy scout orgy known as "Jamboree" will be held as planned behind the gates of Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.

Every four years, the boy scouts and soldiers get together for a private no-holds-barred bash. ACLU communists said this was wrong because boy scouts also have to pray to Jesus, so they shouldn't be using public property -- which is kind of insane, considering that the entire federal government is run by god-nuts who spend all their time on public property muttering to god.

Despite their prayers, the American god is not a big fan of the boy scouts or their vile jamboree. Last time they held it at Fort A.P. Hill, lightning killed four scout leaders while more than 300 scout kids collapsed in the heat after waiting for hours for a promised visit by President Bush. Scouts were struck by lightning at the 2001 jamboree, too.

Boy Scouts defeat ACLU [WND]


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