Jesus-Loving Murderer Furious Over Tennessee Gov's Pretty Xmas Card

This is obviously a painting of the KKK killing MLK - WonketteTennessee Governor Phil Bredesen likes to paint pictures, because many politicians like to make crazy art. Bredesen visited U.S. troops in Afghanistan in March and met a girl who is now allowed to go to school -- a welcome bit of good news in our War On Everything. So he painted a picture of the girl for his annual Christmas Card. Hooray for America and the Troops and Afghanistan and Freedom, right?

No, wrong. What are you, a Ku Klux Klan grand lizard who killed Martin Luther King Jr. on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Let's get busy with the crazy, after the jump.

Whether Bredesen's painting is Good or Bad isn't really the point. (We think it's a pleasant sort of primitive portrait and a harmless hobby, unlike the hobbies of most politicians.) It was the subject matter of the Xmas card that really pissed off this totally homo-looking preacher, Pastor Maury Davis of Cornerstone Church in Nashville. Maury is hopping mad, and he went on the local teevee news to explain exactly why Phil Bredesen is going to Hell, tomorrow.

"If on Martin Luther King Day, you sent a picture of a Klansman and said Martin Luther had a dream that this guy would one day get along with the people he's trying to kill, I'm not sure the African-American community would handle that very well," Davis said. "Christmas is about Christ. Put a picture of the Savior on our card."

Davis has been vocal ever since he heard about the card.

"We have to understand that we have a problem between our culture, their culture, the religions possibly. And I think Christmas ought a be kept pure at this time," Davis said.

Pastor Can't Talk So Good apparently doesn't understand that U.S. troops are in Afghanistan to help people, unlike in Iraq where they just try not to get blown up because everyone agrees only on the fact that the USA must be driven from Iraq.

That's because Maury is of the non-school of thought (along with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and, every couple of weeks, George W. Bush) that believes all the Muslims must be blown up, especially if they're a Member of Congress.

Iraq was a pretty good "Look over there!" plan because it diverted attention from the actual financial backers of 9/11 (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan) that just happened to be crucial Washington allies. But the American Rube Meltdown has reached the point that even a "well-intentioned war" such as Afghanistan now makes the Jesus Nuts crazy with rage because oh my fucking god those people are evil Islam-o-fascists.

Maury has been charming them for years, especially with his "Islam is a religion of lust, hate and perversion" routine. But here's the extra-special thing about what seems to be a garden-variety racist shithead in Tennessee:

He's a Murderer. First Degree, bitches!

While it's true that people in, say, the Pentagon are mass-murderers from afar, here we have an actual redneck who deliberately killed somebody and was caught and convicted and went to jail for 8-1/2 years, in Texas ... before Dubya became governor, because otherwise Maury would be nothing more than a few lines on a website about his last cheeseburger, doritos and sprite.

Pastor Sees Controversy In Governor's Christmas Card [News 5 Nashville}


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