Jesus-Loving U.S. Attorney Also Loves Examining Her Flaws

Hi crazy lady! - WonketteRemember nutty Jesus freak Rachel Paulose, who Gonzo appointed U.S. Attorney even though she's like 19 years old? After a mass exodus at her offices in Minneapolis because she's a bible-spewing Hitler, the littlest lifelong Republican talked to the Star-Tribune about her problems. Here's how she defends herself:

* "These wild conspiracy theories are just that -- totally off base."

* "I'm a strong-willed person .... I think that I'm also a generous and loyal and kind person."

* "I've learned some things the hard way through this experience."

* "I have plenty of flaws. I daily examine my flaws, and try to do better. I will be doing that until the day I die, I'm certain."

U.S. attorney defends self against 'wild conspiracy theories' [AP]

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