Jesus, This Press Conference Will End In 2008

If you're lucky enough not to have three teevees in your office, maybe you don't know Bush is still talking. The questions are getting lamer, too. There are only so many ways you can respectfully say, "You lost, bro."

Meanwhile, the AP and Great Falls Tribune make it fairly official: Jon Tester is the winner in Montana. Crazy Conrad Burns is busy hunting terrorist taxi drivers and Guatemalans, so we may not have an actual concession speech, ever.

Bush keeps saying the election's over, so it's "time to move on." We've got a hunch that the last thing the new Congress has in mind is Moving On.

Oh Christ, can somebody shut him up? Does anybody run the White House? Cheney's in South Dakota hunting humans again, Rumsfeld is out, Rove was apparently sacrificed to the Hell Monster late last night .... Wait a minute, some other guy is washed up. (Hint: Hastert!)


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