Jews Sorta Like Bloomberg, Even Though He Won't Suck Up To Them

And the walls of the city came tumbling down - WonketteMaybe-candidate Mike Bloomberg is Jewish, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal to him, because the richest people in the world are seldom too concerned with Identity Politics or religion or whatever the rest of you people worry about. That's the word form the Jewish Daily Forward (another media property allegedly controlled by the Jews):

* "Chuck Schumer will come to a Jewish Orthodox event and start telling people how his great-grandfather came from some town in Europe .... I have never heard Bloomberg do anything of the sort."

* Giuliani made a big show of throwing Yasser Arafat out of Lincoln Center, while Bloomberg fought the City Council's attempts to close the NYC PLO office.

* He appointed a Moslem to the city's Human Rights Convention, despite a terrible outcry from the Jews.

* At some breakfast, instead of talking "sentimentally about his bubbe or love of noodle kugel," he told the Jews it was good that he raised their property taxes, and they gave him a standing ovation.

Hooray for a candidate who maybe will shut the fuck up about G-d!

As NYC Mayor, Bloomberg Has Redefined Role As 'Jewish Pol' [Forward]


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