JFK's Killers Still Loose But Mostly Dead

Shockingly obvious new evidence proves that the bullets that killed President Kennedy could've basically come from anywhere and at anytime, even the future. The strongest case for mysterious weirdo Lee Harvey Oswald being one of the Lone Gunmen was that the two shots that killed JFK were extremely unique for some reason and could only have been fired from Oswald's rifle. But researchers found plenty of other "exact matches" for the bullet fragments, including from new boxes of ammo.

Read more stuff that Gerald Ford is no longer around to "edit," after the jump.

Meanwhile, the new book "Brothers" by David Talbot reveals that Robert Kennedy spent the years after his brother's assassination investigating the conspiracy -- until he, too, was assassinated.

RFK figured out the following groups launched the plot to murder the president, which is basically the same hyrda-headed mystery-riddle-enigma beast E. Howard Hunt claimed, just before his death in January, was plotting to kill JFK:

* The CIA

* The New York/Florida Mob

* Anti-Castro right-wing Cubans in Florida

* Cold War defense contractors

* Lyndon Johnson

* The French

* The Green Goblin

Hilariously, the CIA still won't release its files on the assassinations of JFK and RFK (and MLK), which is weird considering that 45 years have gone by and everybody involved is now dead. Everyone but George H.W. Bush, anyway ....

Study: Was Oswald the Lone JFK Gunman? [Newsday]

Book Review: Brothers [IHT]


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