Jim Gibbons' Assault Victims Now Packing Bombs

Hi, psycho!  - WonketteSomebody blew themselves up with got blown up by a "backpack bomb" in a Las Vegas hotel garage this morning. Political experts say it was likely a desperate attempt to send a message to Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, famous for his drunken assaults in Vegas parking structures.

Gibbons couldn't be reached for comment, because he was out hunting down the Wall Street Journal editors who conspired with, uh, the Democrats (and everyone else on Earth) to reveal a few of his incredibly crooked business deals while in Congress. The FBI is now officially investigating Gibbon and the defense-contract kickbacks he took from his buddies, and he will soon join "Duke" Cunningham and Jack Abramoff in federal prison.

Meanwhile, the brain-dead drunken Mormon with a basement full of illegal Mexican slaves is already widely hated by voters. Just four months in, only 1% of voters say he's doing an "excellent job" and only 21% agree that he's doing "pretty good." This is apparently the way opinion polls are done in Nevada.

Exploding backpack kills man on Vegas strip [CNN]

Poll: State's voters give Gibbons low marks [Reno Gazette Journal]

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