Jim Gilmore Pulls 'Eye Surgery' Campaign Stunt

This is apparently a popular teevee show about the deformed kids? - WonketteFormer ... uh, we don't remember what he was ... senator? Governor? Let's go with "governor." Former governor Jim "James" Gilmore was apparently running for the GOP nomination for ... president, apparently. But there's terrible news! He is being forced to suspend his campaigning due to Emergency Eye Surgery!

Gilmore, possibly from Virginia, was apparently "on the campaign trail" somewhere when he began seeing terrible flashes of light. As his extremely long-shot run for the nomination has received no media attention, he knew the flashes weren't from the cameras of newspaper photographers. So he went straight to the Emergency Eye Surgery place where the Eye Surgeons did an operation on one of his retinas on one of his eyes.

This happened on Friday, but the Washington Post only got around to mentioning it today. Anyway, the Eye Surgeons allegedly told Gilmore he couldn't campaign anymore, so that's why he's not campaigning anymore.

Stay tuned for McCain's emergency brain surgery and Fred Thompson's emergency "rectal foreign body" surgery!

Eye Surgery Takes Gilmore Off the GOP Campaign Trail [Washington Post]


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