Jim Inhofe: Arlen Specter's Defection Shows That Republicans Will Win All Elections Or Something?


Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe is a maniacal anti-science oil-eating death ogre, a.k.a. the smartest person in the Republican Party, except for Ronald Reagan and, hmm, Michael Goldfarb. He is so brilliant at life that the liberal New York Times invited him to weigh in on its discussion blog, "Room For Debate," about the possible repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Instead of writing about this issue, however, he just threw down some hot-shit psychobabble about Arlen Specter that makes no sense at all to us, the idiots.

Put on your nerd glasses and see if you can figure this one out within seven reads:

There is no evidence more visible that the American people are already rebelling against the far-left agenda than Senator Arlen Specter switching parties to become a Democrat. He did this for one reason, and that is his advisers told him he couldn’t retain his Senate seat as a Republican. In other words, the same people who supported Senator Specter six years ago have soundly rejected him today.

That, my friends, sounds like 1994. The extreme liberal agenda is not sellable to the American people. Just wait and see.

This is the New New Post-Math, so you might as well go jump off the roof of one of your precious baseball stadiums, Nate Silver. It's a rebellion in learning. And as the size of the Republican party continues to wane from 40 percent of the electorate to 30 to 20 to 10 to the point where it's just Jim Inhofe and his sexin' rat, things will look more 1994-y everyday.

Quote of the day [War Room/Salon]


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