Jim Jordan Graciously Concedes Biden Won Election Jordan Claims He Never Said He Stole

Jim Jordan Graciously Concedes Biden Won Election Jordan Claims He Never Said He Stole

We get it. Republicans want “unity" and “healing," which means they want Democrats to pretend the past two months never happened like that episode of "The Simpsons" when Principal Skinner wasn't actually Principal Skinner.

Unfortunately, Democrats are really annoying with their short-term memories. They haven't forgotten how Republicans enabled Donald Trump's Big Lie that the 2020 presidential election was rigged by Hugo Chavez's ghost and Jesus-hating Dominion voting machines.

Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio was a shameless promoter of the Big Lie, declaring even before the election that Democrats were trying to steal the election with more votes. Tuesday, with Trump's presidency in flames, Jordan was serving up stale appeals for “unity" with a side of amnesia.

During a post-coup call with the House Rules Committee, Jordan claimed that Republicans have “been consistent" and condemned “all forms" of violence. This is a tiresome reference to when anarchist idiots dressed like ninjas co-opted peaceful racial justice protests and destroyed private property this summer. That resulted in Republicans working overtime to scare white people about “anarchist jurisdictions" and radical liberals "defunding the police." Their condemnation wasn't just empty words and platitudes. They argued that Joe Biden was unfit to lead because he either didn't condemn the violence strongly enough (that was a lie) or he'd just sit back as violent mobs destroyed our cities.

Donald Trump incited a violent mob to attack the Capitol or he callously let the mob run wild while watching it all on TV. A total jackass president is behind either one of Monty Hall's doors, and Congress should remove him immediately. However, Jordan doesn't think that's “healthy for the nation." This is the same asshole who wouldn't shut up about Benghazi, which had a lower body count, and Barack Obama didn't tell the terrorists “we love you, you're very special."

Jordan thinks impeachment would only further divide Americans, whom he has helped Trump divide, perhaps irreconcilably, over the past two months with lies about a stolen election. Jordan can't understand why Democrats won't let an unstable, wannabe despot remain in power after his failed coup. Like Sollozzo from The Godfather,Trump missed his chance and now he's the hunted one! Besides, he's finally admitted (sort of) that he will leave office next week and he's committed (not really) to a peaceful transfer of power.

The goddamn Capitol was attacked during the electoral vote count that confirmed Biden's victory. Five people are dead, and Jordan has the gall to claim the transfer of presidential power was “peaceful." Sorry, but the streak has ended.

Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern, the committee chair, wasn't having Jordan's spin.

MCGOVERN: I saw this mob trying to break glass doors to get access to the floor and God knows what else. They defied the Capitol police that were bravely trying to protect us, and I saw in their eyes hate and evil. And I am just grateful that more people weren't harmed in this terrible attack. But they came here to destroy things, to desecrate things, and they did so because the president of the United States told them to go do it. At his urging, they came to the Capitol.

This is all true, which is politically inconvenient for Jordan.

MCGOVERN: Our job as elected officials is to tell the truth. So my question for you is, will you admit that Joe Biden won fair and square and that the election was not rigged or stolen?

What followed was the most long ass of long-ass pauses as Jordan struggled to come up with a response he believed wouldn't overly offend Trump's cult.

JORDAN: What I did over the past several months is follow the process that the Constitution prescribes.

That's a lie. Jordan didn't spend months debating how Florida should treat hanging chads. He traveled the country, went on talk shows, and repeated Trump's false claims of voter fraud. He appeared at “Stop the Steal" rallies. Undermining democracy is not something the Constitution “prescribes."

Jordan enthusiastically supported Trump's antidemocratic attempts to overturn a free and fair election. Biden was the winner on November 7 when Pennsylvania was called. He was still the winner after multiple recounts and more than 60 failed court challenges. He won even more when states certified their results and the Electoral College voted on December 14. Biden was legitimately tired of winning.

Meanwhile, Trump used the office of the presidency to bully and coerce elected officials to “find" votes or substitute rightful electors. The Constitution had very little to do with Trump's corrupt tactics after Election Day.

Jordan admitted Biden won but claimed "the way the process works is the last chance to object is January 6th and that objection didn't prevail." That's another lie. There were never any valid legal grounds for Congress to reject Biden's win.

Jim Jordan invoked the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said January 6 was “the day of key significance" (again this was regarding legitimate contesting of an election). He pulled some “whataboutism" from his dank nether regions about Democrats who objected to past Republican victories. But McGovern wouldn't let Jordan weasel his way out the key difference between then and now: Trump attacked the fundamental integrity of our elections, and Jordan helped him.

MCGOVERN: I'm asking you to make a statement that the election was not stolen, that Joe Biden won fair and square, and one of the ways to promote healing is for you to say "yes," and to put that on your Twitter account, so that all these people who bought into a lie will start hearing from some of the people that were pushing this.

But all Jordan could say was that Biden is the president-elect and that he'll be sworn in on January 20. That's all Jordan can offer in the way of “unity" and “healing." He regrets nothing.

In the wake of a domestic terror attack, Jordan pretends he never said the election was stolen, but in December, he was sleazily leveraging the Big Lie as rationale for voter suppression. Nate Cohn at the New York Times correctly observed that there's "less confidence in the electoral system because people tried to erode confidence in it, not because of the way the election was administered."

This is Trump's shameful legacy, and Jordan shares the blame.

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