Changing Washington For Missouri? What does that even mean? - WonketteMissouri Senator Jim Talent was raised by wolves Jews, according to an anonymous and very poorly sourced email we recently received and didn't bother to check in to:

If it's such a big deal for George Allen to have a Jewish mother, why has no one mentioned that Senator Jim Talent father, Milton Talent, was Jewish. Is he ashamed of his Jewish heritage? Maybe all those evangelicals would re-think their vote for Senator Talent if they thought he was raised by a member of the Hebrew faith. Not only that, but he is an adopted child. I know this because I was a friend of the attorney who handled the adoption. The attorney passed away two years ago. I have never seen this mentioned in his bio. Check this out.

There you go. Voters of Missouri, are you going to allow someone who was adopted to represent your great state?

Vote McCaskill: She's not a bastard.


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